About Company

A word from CEO
Our long term vision consists of establishing a trusted supply chain and delivering an excellent customer service for our valuable clients across Cambodia and the Southeast Asia region.We have vast experience of distributing a wide range of Pigeon hygiene and cleaning products to gentle shampoos, body washes, lotions and powders. And building on Fujifilm pioneering diagnostic imaging technologies, we are promoting such achievement across Cambodian medical service network, especially in the areas of preventive healthcare and treatment. For that being said, an effective and creative marketing communication strategy is amongst our core pillars to uplift annual development goals and objectives. Our endeavor at Long Term Development Company is to enable the public to enjoy the fruit of technological breakthrough with our expansive and reliable distribution channels.

From the internal point of view, Long Term Development Company continues to ensure the best value life has to offer for our clients and management team as a strong and dependable partner. And such partnership is strengthened by outstanding human resources practices,transparent corporate governance, and responsible code of conduct. Our commitment to return passion and trust to our clients and people will sustain the company progress amid a turbulent and ever changing market.